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Filthy Animals | Heist Simulator

Filthy Animals : Heist Simulator is a chaotic Multiplayer Heist game for 1-4 Players, spanning across 8 different Chapters featuring a total of 21 Unique Heist Levels! Take on the role of Mutant Animals following the orders of Tony, the Filthy Animal Bossman Criminal Mastermind. Bumble through a series of Heists starting with a Convenience Store, a Bank Robbery, then break into a Super Secret Military Base, with missions ranging all the way into Outer Space!

Get to know the gang!


Key features

What the game is really about. Probably.



1-4 player Local
and Online Co-op

Friends might not make things easier, but they will make things more fun! Probably. Spanning across 8 different Chapters featuring a total of 21 Unique Heist Levels!

Local-multiplayer and Online Co-op Supported


Physics-based puzzles and combat!

Grab, push, pull, punch, jump – all the necessary ingredients of a ridiculous physics-based game. Use whatever you can grab  tools, weapons, an innocent bystander! Or just use your fists..


or a Flame Thrower! GET OUTTA 'ERE!!


Active Ragdoll

Active ragdoll simulated characters & NPC's! Get flung around! Fling others around! Make a mess! Take on the role of mutant animals following orders from Tony, the criminal mastermind of the operation.


AI Controlled
Enemies & NPCs

No one said this was going to be easy! Armed guards and security personnel will try to stop you at every turn.. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the Have-a-Go-Heroes of this City may even throw some punches your way.. GET 'EM!!

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